Why fairies never cry

There was a little fairy
at the bottom of the tree
she was so sweet and pretty
for everyone to see.

I went up close to look at her
I thought that she’d be glad
but when I looked right at her
she seemed so very sad.

When I asked her what was wrong
she looked into my eyes
she said that it was awful
that a fairy cannot cry.

I said to her “why can’t you
go on, just let it out”
she turned her head away from me
and looked so full of doubt

“It’s not my job to look so glum
my job is just to smile
but sometimes it gets far too much
and crying’s not my style”

So she bottled up her feelings
and put a brave face on
she flew up to the rainbow
and my fairy, she was gone.

Drift 28th December 2002