Not a lot


Not a lot

It’s not a lot that i’ve got
no, not a lot
but what i’ve got is a lot
to those that haven’t got a lot.

© Drift 3rd January 2003

Drift’s Universe

If the world is not your oyster
if it’s not your cup of tea
then step into my universe
and come along with me.
The time, it has no meaning
the place, is anywhere
the here and now is all that counts
so go on, pull up a chair.

Drift 28th December 2002

Weather Poem

How soft the raindrops gently fall
upon my ageing skin
How bright the sunlight shines on me
and makes me smile within

How grey the clouds are passing by
the day is closing in
How dark the night has come so quick
what a wonderful day its been.

Drift 3rd January 2003

Dreamland Poem

Sometimes when i’m dreaming
in a place i’ve never been
I feel the strangest feelings
and see things I ‘ve never seen.

I see the clouds they float around
up in the coloured sky
and little beings down below
pass each other by

I never feel my hunger
I never seem to tire
and sometimes if i’m lucky
I float up higher and higher

The time it has no meaning
there is no slow or fast
I cannot see a future
I cannot see a past

The present is the only thing
that matters in Dreamland
and if you have a dream tonight
i’m sure you’ll understand.

Drift 3rd January 2003

Feng Shui Poem

When my life felt stale and listless
it got worse day by day
A friend of mine then said to me
have you heard about Feng Shui.

I cleaned my home completely
clearing junk and clutter fast
I moved a couple of ornaments
and things that wouldn’t last.

I rearranged my furniture
adding colours here and there
and now my life is beautiful
I am full of love and care.

Drift 3rd January 2003